What is a Virus?

A computer virus is a program or code that runs on your computer causing unwanted behavior. Viruses can be in the form of junk programs that slow your computer or malicious applications that do harm to your computer or its data.


Types of Viruses

  • Ransomware - software designed to hold files on a computer hostage using a password until a sum of money is paid to get the unlock password.

  • Trojan - viruses that typically hide their real intent. They can take the form of some useful program and allow hackers access to your computer though a “backdoor.”

  • Script/Macro - code that is inserted into the “Macro” section of a Word or Excel document that can be run when opened in Microsoft Office.

  • Rootkit - a set of tools that allows access to restricted parts of the computer allowing a person to gain full control of the system.


  • Slow Computer - a slow computer can be caused by a virus using high processor, memory, or hard drive usage.

  • Pop-Ups - some programs create many pop-up advertisements to get you to purchase a full version of the “program.”

  • Anti-Virus Disabled - viruses can have the ability to disable your anti-virus software, this could be a sign you are infected.

  • Junk Programs - remove any programs you did not install on your computer. Many “free” or bundled programs can let hackers have access to your computer, even if they seem harmless.

  • Remote Access - remote software or suspicious programs may have installed remote access software to get control of your computer. It’s best to uninstall these if you do not use them.



Action and Prevention

  • Anti-Virus - installing a trusted and tested anti-virus is a great way to protect yourself. We recommend Bitdefender. It has been reviewed and proven to work.

  • Uninstall Programs - it is a good idea to remove any unused programs on your computer to reduce the risk of keeping a bad program on your computer.

  • Know Where You Go - this may sound obvious, but the best method of virus prevention is to make sure that you know what sites you visit and what programs you download. Only visiting safe sites will make sure you are much less likely to have a problem.

  • Call Us - we are happy to help you with any possible virus issues. We can come to you and fix the issue. It’s always best to be sure your computers are safe from threats.