How can we help?

Let us help you when choosing equipment to use in your business. With infinite options when it comes to computers and office equipment, it can be confusing sorting though it all. We can look at the software you are needing to run and match it to the hardware that can do the job.



  • Computer Systems - Depending on the software that the employees will be running, we can recommend the correct computer with the proper speed.

  • Servers - How much will do the job? We can assist in building a server that will be able to handle the number of users and software that are required.

  • Network - This is the part that ties the servers to your workstations. It is important to always choose good equipment. A fast server won’t help if it cannot get the information to the computers requesting it over a well built network.

  • WiFi - Poor WiFi can be fixed with the right equipment. It is important to pick the right access points to handle the amount of traffic/devices connecting to the WiFi.

  • Backups - How do you plan on backing up? Physical? Cloud based?


  • Windows Home - Typically for use in a home environment. This version does not allow connection to a server.

  • Windows Professional - For use in business environments. Allows connection with a server. Computers with Windows Professional can be maintained by the server using Active Directory and Group Policy.

  • Windows Server - Should be used on compatible server hardware. Used in running and operating other workstations and hosting files. Controls Active Directory and Group Policy.

  • Business Software - Anything else your business would require to run. A common example is Quickbooks for accounting. Many businesses require software for accounting or other daily tasks.



Data Transfer

The hardest part of buying new equipment is the setup. How will you get your information off your old computers? Let us do the hard work. We will transfer data back to the computers or servers. In some situations, we can even prevent reinstalling programs and settings by making a clone image of the computer and restoring it to the new hardware.

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