What does my “network” do?

The network is the series of wires and switches that connect your computers and servers to the internet. This equipment is also responsible for connecting your phone to WiFi. Making sure everything works properly is key in good network performance. We will set up a system that is reliable and secured.



Parts of a Network

  • Router - The router is the device that connects to your internet service provider. It is responsible for handing out the proper network addresses to computers. A good router will provide stable connection to all devices.

  • Firewall - This can be a standalone device or built into the router. Often times a standalone firewall is the most secure option for blocking traffic internally and externally. This is the gatekeeper of the network.

  • Switch - A switch provides the ability to split an ethernet cable to many machines. This can also provide options for isolation of certain computers. Some switches are POE meaning that they can provide power to cameras and access points.

  • Access Point - This is the WiFi antenna. These are typically small domes that sit on a ceiling or wall to provide connection for your wireless devices.

Speed and Reliability

All of the devices in a network are important for maintaining a quick speed and reliable connection. If one spot in the network is slow, everything else down the line will be slow as well. This is very bad. Installing good equipment in combination with proper wiring will improve these factors.

  1. Use a good/powerful router with functionality.

  2. Use a good firewall.

  3. Make sure your switches can handle the network load.

  4. Install the proper access points for the environment they are being used.


Many guest WiFi networks do not work well and are insecure. Often times they pose a huge threat to a businesses internal network. You do not want customers being able to see or access your computer systems that run your business.

  • 2.4 / 5 GHz - These are different WiFi connection speeds. Rule of thumb 2.4GHz has a far range but slower speed, 5GHz has a much faster speed but lower range.

  • Business WiFi - Setting up a network for your businesses operations or any business devices is a great procedure. This establishes all the important business computers on a

  • Guest WiFi - Everyone loves free WiFi. It is extremely important to secure this properly. Guests at your business should NEVER be able to see your business computers. A guest network should be isolated and separate from the internal network.