How do we help?

Everyone knows computers have problems. We help you get back up and running with our wide range of hardware troubleshooting knowledge. First we diagnose your issue, then we present solutions. Have us look at your computer, server, or network problem.



The workstation computers your office uses can have many issues with them. Three main components tend to go bad most often. Those are the motherboard, random access memory (RAM), or hard drive. Each of these items have their own set of symptoms.

  • Slow Performance

  • Errors

  • Not Booting

  • Random Reboots

  • No POST/Beeping


Servers are more complicated than desktops because they have more components and do more tasks. Servers have a few special components you may not find in a typical desktop computer. Problems with servers could be any of the following:

  • Slow Perfomance

  • RAID Errors/Issues

  • Reboots/Crashing

  • Power Failure

  • Full Resource Usage

  • Overheating




A network in terms of a business environment can mean many things. Internet speed, connections between computers, or WiFi issues. We can diagnose all of these. You may have a network issue if you end up with any of the following signs:

  • Slow Loading

  • Slow Data Transfer

  • Computers Lose Connection

  • Devices Fall Offline

  • Poor WiFi Coverage/Speed