What does a Clean & Tune do?

A clean and tune is a good idea when your computer is just running slower than it used to. Often times the reason it is running slower is from all of the junk that has accumulated over the time it has been used. It is good to occasionally give a computer a good “once-over” to get it running right again.



What impacts my PC performance?

  • Processor (CPU) - CPU determines how many calculations can be made per second.

  • Random Access Memory (RAM) - RAM is the workbench of a computer. It allows for programs to open files and operate quickly.

  • Hard Drive - All data is stored on the hard drive. This is the place your programs, documents and pictures are located.

  • Graphics - Visual effects of the operating system use the graphics card. It can determine how a program displays or how well a video game runs. Photoshop uses the graphics card to render the visual effects.

  • Software - The operating system is often an overlooked part of how well a computer performs. Many modern operating systems are optimized to perform quickly.


  • Slow Computer - Too many programs starting up and running can cause a computer to run slowly.

  • Low Disk Space - Files build up in your computer after years of use. Sometimes they need cleaned. Often times, a cleaning can free disk space.

  • No Recent Updates - Windows updates are supposed to be automatic. Sometimes this isn’t the case. Installing the latest updates makes your computer secure and can help improve performance.

  • Pop-Ups - This is a sign you may have programs that need removed.

  • Junkware - These are garbage programs that computers seem to collect. This includes programs such as toolbars, cleaner programs, or fake antivirus programs.

  • Temporary Files - Some files are stored on a computer for temporary use, but many times are not deleted.




The process of cleaning a computer will make it run better, faster, and with less issues. We will look though the computer and clean any unnecessary files. Remove any old web browsing data. Check for any bad or junk programs to remove. Install the latest Windows updates. Disable unnecessary startup programs and services. We also like to check event logs for any errors or program crashes to make sure there are no underlying software issues. Checking event logs has helped up prevent many possible disasters.