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Managed (Contract) Services

NEO Computer Solutions offers managed services for businesses looking to be proactive in their technology problems. The benefits of paying for a fixed maintenance plan go beyond just the obvious. In these plans we offer services to make sure that workstation computers and servers are constantly monitored and up to date. This includes patches/updates, system checks, and checks on backup systems. We are able to provide quick diagnosis of problems using our remote desktop software in combination with our system checks. Managed services will save you time and money. For businesses who can’t afford to be down, it’s time to get ahead of technology problems!




Proactive management covers all the basics of maintaining a computer. This includes Windows update patching, disk space monitoring, error monitoring, and unlimited remote help desk support. Antivirus and web filtering are provided to add another layer of protection against threats. Using constant monitoring we are able to prevent issues before they even happen.


Proactive + Full Backup

This is everything. All patching, monitoring, remote support, antivirus, web filtering, risk assessment scanning, and backup are included. Cloud backups run automatically and store your data safely and securely. The backups keep files for recovery up to 1 full month back. These backups can be fully restored to a new computer to minimize the downtime a business can experience. This is the top tier of management. This is your go-to plan when you want everything to be secure and maintained. Stop making technology a problem your business has to think about!

make it work again...

Break/Fix computer services are for the business that is in a crisis and needs things back up and running yesterday. You call us for these when it is too late to plan ahead! These services are not nearly as proactive as the managed services offerings we provide, but of course we are happy to service any immediate needs. We provide all the services listed below and many others. If something you need is not listed, please do not hesitate to ask, we likely can provide a fix!


Virus Removal

Viruses can be painful and annoying for the end user, not to mention risky for your business. When your computer is infected, it can run very slowly. Get rid of that virus and get your system performance back to how it used to be. Find out more about viruses and what can be done at the link below.


Network Setup

Using the best equipment, we can set up a system that is fast and reliable. This means full speed connection between PCs in the office and fast WiFi connections on wireless devices. A public guest WiFi network can also be put in place for your customers with the proper settings so that the public has no access to your business!


Clean & Tune

All computers start to accumulate junk after years of use. Sometimes the fix is simply to give it a cleanup. This is what people mean when they say “temporary files” and “cookies.” Yes, these are the parts of a clean and tune, but there are also many more items on the checklist. We have more on our clean and tune page.


New Computers

The hardest parts of finding a new PC are choosing the right hardware and transferring all your files. We can help with both of those problems. There are many data transfer options. It is sometimes possible to make a copy of your old computer into your new one. This means your programs are saved.



Backups are a crucial part of any business. Imagine the loss if a virus hits and you lose all of your important Word, Excel, and Quickbooks files! These are files that make your business run. Always backup. We also can attempt a data recovery for any files that may already be lost. Avoid weeks of recreation with good backups!


Hardware Diagnosis

Diagnosing hardware is time consuming and hard to do. That’s why you can leave it to us. We will come to you and figure out what issues you are having and fix them as fast as possible. Our goal is to get you back up and running as fast as we can. We diagnose all types of different issues. Computers, networks, and even software.

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We are a computer solutions provider local to North Canton, Ohio. Our mission is to provide excellent computer service to take away the burden of worrying about your computers. This saves you time and puts the focus back on servicing your own customers. Computer systems are typically far too complicated for business owners to waste the time to set them up themselves. We want to be your go-to company to make things “magically work!”

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